The Art of Collecting: Insights from a Loyal Customer

The Art of Collecting: Insights from a Loyal Customer

When Nasseem and her husband purchased their new home in California, they knew they wanted to create a traditional haven that reflected their personal style and preferences. With a love for traditional decor, Nasseem discovered Antiquish Home Decor and immediately fell in love with the unique and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces available.

Nasseem was thrilled to find several vintage home decor items that perfectly complemented her traditional aesthetic. Among her purchases were large old gold mirrors that were professionally packed at FedEx to ensure they arrived safely and in pristine condition. Additionally, she purchased a vintage secretary cabinet, brass figurines, porcelain vases, several greek style sculptures, vintage floral oil paintings, a French antique commode with a marble top, and a vintage dresser that looks like luggage.

Photo of Vintage Gold Mirror purchased from Antiquish Home Decor displayed on Nasseem's Mantle Christmas 2022


At Antiquish Home Decor, we understand the importance of delivering our vintage and antique items safely and securely. To ensure that Nasseem's vintage dresser was delivered with white glove service, we partnered with trusted delivery partners who traveled across the country to deliver it directly to her home.

Nasseem was overjoyed with the quality and uniqueness of each piece she purchased from our store. The large old gold mirrors added a touch of glamour and elegance to her home, while the vintage secretary cabinet, French antique commode, and vintage dresser added character and charm to her traditional decor.

Nasseem's display is a great example of how vintage pieces can be incorporated into modern home decor to add character and warmth. By grouping items of different sizes and shapes together, she has created a visually interesting display that draws the eye and tells a story. We are so thrilled to see our pieces finding new homes and being incorporated into such beautiful displays.


At Antiquish Home Decor, we're committed to providing exceptional service and unique vintage and antique items to help our customers bring their vision to life. We're thrilled that Nasseem found her perfect pieces with us and was satisfied with her experience. We look forward to helping more customers like Nasseem create their dream home with our unique selection of vintage and antique home decor items.

For anyone who is interested in antique and vintage jewelry, I recommend checking out Nasseem's shop, Land of Golden Baubles on Etsy. She offers a beautiful collection of exquisite vintage and antique jewelry pieces that are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe. You can find her store at the following link:

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