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1920s Cameo Victorian Brass Peacock Fireplace Folding Fan Screen

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Introducing a magnificent Antique Brass Fireplace Folding Peacock Screen/Fan. This exquisite piece embodies the Art Nouveau style, featuring a cameo profile of a person as its centerpiece. When unfolded, it gracefully fans out like a peacock's majestic tail, each feather meticulously crafted with delicate pierced designs.

As you ignite your fireplace, the warm, flickering glow dances playfully through the pierced patterns, casting enchanting shadows and creating a captivating ambiance in your room. This screen is a true work of art, boasting ornate designs on both sides, with an antique-style Cameo Face mounted on the front and a raised motif.

For your convenience, a finely detailed dragon motif serves as a finial and handle atop the screen, making it easy to place wherever you desire. When not in use, secure it with latches on each side, and the ornate finial also doubles as a handle for effortless relocation.

This Antique Brass Fireplace Folding Peacock Screen/Fan is a timeless addition to your hearth, adding character and charm to your living space.

Condition Notes: This is an antique item. It has signs of wear like scratches but it is is beautiful condition overall. 

Dimensions: 38” wide x 27” tall x 4” deep