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1950s Large Vintage Hand-Painted Gilt Floral and Bird Chinese Wall Art Home Decor Folding Fan With Bamboo Spokes

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Dimensions: 60" wide x 30" tall 

Adorn your space with this striking vintage Chinese folding fan, a grand piece from the 1950s that combines artistry with functionality. With a background meticulously gold-leafed, this fan features a hand-painted floral and bird design that remains incredibly vivid, capturing the essence of Oriental art. The structure is supported by durable bamboo spokes, adding both strength and a touch of natural elegance. The fan's large scale makes it an eye-catching centerpiece, ideal for adding a touch of opulence to any room.

This fan is not only a piece of art but also fully functional, with an accordion-like folding mechanism that works seamlessly. It comes ready to hang, equipped with two string hooks on the back, allowing for easy installation on any wall. Perfect for an entryway, living room, or any space that could benefit from a dramatic focal point, this fan is sure to start conversations and attract admiration.

In good condition, this fan beautifully marries the timeless allure of traditional Chinese craft with practical aspects, making it a unique and stunning addition to your home décor collection.