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Beautiful 20th Century Chinese Style Floral Majolica Decorative Vase

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Immerse yourself in the elegance of Chinese craftsmanship with this exquisite 20th-century decorative vase. Crafted in the Majolica tradition, this piece boasts a rich, deep blue background that perfectly accentuates the vibrant palette of the meticulously hand-painted floral motifs. The surface is adorned with an array of blossoming flowers in shades of pink, yellow, and orange, intermingled with lush green foliage, creating a tapestry of color that exudes a timeless charm.

This vase features unique three-dimensional fruit and flower motifs that are thoughtfully applied to its curvaceous body, adding a tactile element to its visual splendor. The fruits, possibly peaches, symbolize longevity and prosperity in Chinese culture, making this vase not just a decorative item but a vessel of good fortune.

Standing elegantly at 12.5 inches tall, the vase is poised on a finely contoured neck that gracefully flares at the top, inviting the eye to appreciate its harmonious proportions. The lower section tapers into a sturdy base, detailed with red and white bands that ground the piece with a subtle contrast.