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Antique Early 1900s Folk Art Solid Hardwood Hand Painted Fruits Corner Cabinet

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Dimensions: 40” tall x 72” tall x 23” deep
Interior Shelves: apx 26” wide x 14.5 deep x 21” tall

This enchanting antique corner cupboard is a masterpiece of folk art, dating back to the early 1900s. Triangular in shape and designed to nestle perfectly into the corner of a room, it boasts original paneled doors that open to reveal a spacious interior, ready to house a variety of items from towels and toiletries to food and fine dishware.

The heavy, sturdy construction of this piece is beautifully juxtaposed with the delicacy of its decoration – a cornucopia of hand-painted fruits adorns every panel, brought to life with a vibrancy that speaks to the cupboard's storied past. Each fruit is framed by ornate, hand-painted floral designs, adding a flourish of elegance to the rustic charm of the wood.

While the top remains untouched by paint, preserving the natural beauty of the wood, all other surfaces are canvases for these intricate artworks. Function meets form with the inclusion of swinging wooden locks, along with a provision for a padlock at the front, ensuring that whatever treasures you choose to store will be kept secure.

This cupboard wears its history gracefully, with some natural wear and paint fading that only enhance its character. It has been lovingly preserved, coming directly from an estate sale where it was revealed to have been in the care of a family for over 70 years. The previous owner, known for her passion for baking, cherished this cabinet as a sanctuary for her baking supplies, infusing it with the warm spirit of a home filled with love and delicious aromas.

Take home this slice of history and let it continue its legacy as a functional and decorative piece in your abode. Whether used to store linens in a cozy nook or to showcase your finest china, this antique folk art corner cupboard is more than furniture; it's a portal to an era of handcrafted beauty and a tribute to the Arts and Crafts movement of its time.

Condition Notes for Antique Folk Art Corner Cupboard

  • Paint Condition: There is some fading of the paint noted in areas, consistent with the age and use of the cupboard. This adds to the authentic vintage charm of the piece, showcasing its history and the journey it has undergone.

  • Trim Integrity: The bottom left trim exhibits a break in the wood. While it's a testament to the cupboard's venerable age, it does not detract from the overall aesthetic appeal and remains a hallmark of its antique status.

  • Panel Stability: A crack is present on the side panel of the right door. However, this flaw is superficial and does not impact the cupboard's structural integrity. The cupboard remains solid and sturdy.

  • Functionality: Despite the signs of age, the door operates smoothly, opening and closing with ease, ensuring the cupboard is fully functional and ready for everyday use.

These condition notes serve to give an honest and transparent overview of the cupboard's current state, underlining its value as a well-maintained antique that has weathered time gracefully.

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