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Antique Federalist Eagle Hand Carved Bullseye Gilt Wood Mirror

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Dimensions: 29” tall  x 22” wide x 1.5” deep 

Step into a bygone era with the Giltwood Federal Mirror. Crafted circa the early 1900s, this antique gem features a convex bullseye glass, reflecting a unique and slightly distorted perspective of its surroundings. The bullseye design and the silvered backing of the glass add to its historical allure, creating enchanting reflections that vary with the light and angle of view.

The perched eagle atop the gilded wood frame stands as a symbol of strength and freedom, while delicate laurel acanthus decorations represent victory and glory. With 13 meticulously crafted balls encircling the mirror, each one paying homage to the original 13 American colonies, this piece celebrates the nation's rich history.

The inclusion of a wire on the back ensures it can be easily hung on the wall, making installation effortless. Its good antique condition reveals an enchanting patina, exuding timeless charm. The mirror's journey through time is evident in the slight silvering on the glass and cracks in the gesso overlay, showcasing natural wear and adding character. Embracing its age, the wood frame displays slight finish wear and paint loss, heightening its antique allure.