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Antique Ironstone Toby Delft Hand Painted English Teapot

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Gorgeous hand painted antique English Toby Ironstone teapot in excellent condition. Has beautiful Ironstone stamp on its base. Excellent vintage condition with no chips or cracks. The teapots lid is hat shaped.

The plump man at the center of the design is called a Toby, and one train of thought is that Toby jugs developed from a character called Toby Philpots after the character Toby Philpots from a translation of an Italian story/poem in the mid 1700s. The other belief is inspired by an old English drinking song, "The Brown Jug", which paid tribute to Toby Fillpot, whose ashes were made into Toby's jug.

Size: 8.5" tall x 10" wide