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Antique Victorian Parlor Brass Banquet Gone With The Wind Hand Painted Floral Electrified Oil Lamp circa late 1800s

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Dimensions: 32” tall Apx x 9” deep x 9” wide 

Step back in time with this enchanting electrified Victorian lamp, a treasure from the transition of gas to electric lighting. Celebrating the craftsmanship of the esteemed Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company, this piece reflects the opulent tastes circa 1890-1910.

The lamp boasts a delicate pink glass globe, resplendent with hand-painted floral arrangements, each petal and leaf meticulously rendered to create a bouquet that never wilts. The globe's soft hues cast a warm, inviting glow, turning any room into a cozy haven.

At its foundation, the lamp features an onyx base, a prized material of the era, known for its solidity and luxurious appeal. The lamp's structure is further enhanced by a wealth of ornate brass details—scrolls, flourishes, and classical motifs—all typical of the Victorian pursuit of beauty and elegance.

Provenance: Originally, these lamps were designed to burn oil. They had a central burning wick, with the oil reservoir housed below the globe. The beautiful hand-painted globes served not only as a light diffuser but also as a decorative piece, showcasing the Victorian era's love for ornamentation and artistry in everyday objects. They were typically used in parlors and were a sign of status and elegance. This lamp once belonged to a sprawling Victorian estate built in 1875 and was purchased at an antique auction house in Norfolk, VA.

Condition Notes: This lamp has journeyed through time and bears marks of its history. There is an area of separation at the base which does not compromise the lamp's stability, adding to its storied character. The brass finish shows some wear, evidencing the lamp's age and authentic use. Despite these time-worn idiosyncrasies, the lamp remains in excellent working order, ready to cast its storied light upon your space. The piece is substantial in weight, denoting the quality materials and solid construction of its time.

Packing Assurance:
We understand the significance of your investment in this Victorian masterpiece. To ensure its safe arrival, we pledge the utmost care in its packaging. Our expert team will cocoon the lamp in multiple layers of protection, combining soft, shock-absorbing materials with rigid, durable outer shells to guard against impact. We meticulously secure each component, from the fragile hand-painted globe to the robust onyx base, guaranteeing that every element is shielded. With our thorough packing process, you can trust that this historic piece will travel from our hands to yours with the respect and preservation it deserves.