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Large Eiffel Tower Original Oil Painting On Canvas In Gold Ornate Frame

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This evocative painting captures the essence of Paris in the fall, with the iconic Eiffel Tower standing majestically amidst autumn-hued trees. The artwork, signed by A. Tobey, is beautifully framed in an ornate gold leaf design that complements its classic elegance. The use of warm, rich colors suggests that it likely depicts a scene from the cooler, yet vibrant autumn months.
The painting is tastefully set against a linen matte, adding a layer of sophistication. It comes equipped with a wire for hanging, ensuring that it can be easily displayed. Given its large size, it would make a grand statement in a spacious room, such as a living room, an entryway, or above a mantle in a home that appreciates fine art and the romantic allure of Parisian culture.
It holds sentimental value as it was acquired in Paris by a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary in 1992, making it not just an artwork, but a keepsake of love and memory. Its grandeur and the story it carries would be particularly appealing to those who cherish romance, history, and the timeless charm of Paris.

Dimensions: 32” wide x 28” tall