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Capodimonte Style Ceramic Floral Candlestick Holder

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Embrace the charm of spring with this enchanting ceramic candlestick holder, reminiscent of the esteemed Capodimonte style. Adorned with a beautifully crafted white flower and verdant green leaves, this piece captures the heart of Italian artistry and the tranquility of nature. Its felt-lined bottom ensures your surfaces remain scratch-free, marrying functionality with elegance. Whether gracing a bookshelf, enhancing a coffee table, or brightening a bedside table, this candlestick holder is perfect for creating a cozy, warm glow in your home. In flawless condition, without any chips or cracks, it’s a versatile addition to any decor, bringing a whisper of spring’s joy and Capodimonte’s charm into your living space.


Dimensions: 7” wide x 4” tall apx