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Vintage Blue Libbey Sirrus Glass Footed Water Goblets Set of 4

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Elevate your dining experience with this Lovely Set of 4 Libbey Sirrus Blue water goblets. Crafted with a keen eye for elegance, each goblet stands proudly on a footed base, boasting a stunning cobalt blue hue that captures the essence of both sophistication and serenity. The ridged texture of the clear glass bowl allows light to dance across the surface, creating a sparkling display with every sip. These goblets are not just drinkware—they're conversation starters, perfect for any occasion that calls for a splash of color and a dash of grace. Whether you're toasting to the everyday or celebrating the extraordinary, these Libbey Sirrus Blue goblets promise to add a timeless touch of beauty to your table.


7” tall x 3.5” opening 

Holds approximately 12 oz.