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Large Mid Century Vintage 1960s Yellow Daisies Flowers in Basket Still Life Acrylic Painting on Canvas Framed Wall Art

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This stunning mid-century 1960s canvas painting, elegantly framed in a contemporary yellow frame, encapsulates the essence of nostalgia and vibrancy. The artwork features a richly detailed woven basket, textured so meticulously it seems tactile, almost inviting touch through sight alone. Nestled within are exquisitely depicted daisies with their signature white petals and sunny centers, alongside the deeper tones of Black-Eyed Susans or Rudbeckia, and the distinctive trumpet-like centers of Daffodils, all set against a gentle gradient of yellow hues, beautifully rendered in acrylic. The artist, Mitchels, has signed this captivating piece, making it an ideal addition to a mid-century home, infusing both a burst of color and a touch of vintage charm. With a convenient saw-tooth hanger and pre-installed picture hanging wire, it's effortlessly ready to grace your walls. While the frame displays a few minor nicks, the overall condition remains excellent. This painting was acquired on consignment from the estate of a woman who was an avid collector of mid-century treasures. Although she now faces the challenges of dementia and had to downsize, her love for beautiful things has given this piece a cherished history.

Dimensions: 41” wide  x 31” tall  x 2” deep 

Condition Notes: Upon careful examination, it is important to note that there is some staining present on the reverse side of the canvas. These markings do not affect the front visual presentation of the piece but are indicative of the item's age and previous environment.