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Vintage Floral Still Life 15”x13” Signed Oil Painting in Ornate Gold Frame

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Transform your living space with this exquisite vintage floral still life oil painting, measuring 15" tall x 13" wide. Signed by the artist "Pica," this captivating piece features an ornate gold frame with intricate detailing and a refined linen mat, exuding sophistication and timeless beauty. The rich, textured brushstrokes capture a vibrant bouquet of flowers, adding a touch of natural elegance to any room.

This enchanting bouquet includes roses in shades of blush pink, pure white, and soft yellow, embodying romance and grace. Cheerful daisies with their bright yellow centers peek through, while chrysanthemums add a lush, full texture in creamy whites and golden hues. The soft purple lilacs lend a gentle fragrance, and delicate sprays of baby's breath create an ethereal, airy quality. The flowers are beautifully arranged in a blue and white ceramic vase, reminiscent of an era when artistry and craftsmanship were paramount.

Perfect for those who appreciate high-quality decor and refined aesthetics, this painting can seamlessly enhance any upscale interior, whether showcased in a luxurious living room, a serene bedroom, or an elegant foyer. Each glance at this masterpiece will transport you to a time of timeless beauty and artistic elegance.

This piece, with its charming vintage appeal, was originally acquired from a reputable New York estate known for its collection of fine art and antiques. Embrace the charm and sophistication of traditional art with this stunning, artist-signed piece, adding a touch of class and exclusivity to your home.