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Vintage 19" Mahogany Eastlake Style Italian Marble Top Pedestal Table

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Dimensions: 14.5" diameter x 19" tall

This Vintage Mahogany Eastlake style Italian Marble Top Pedestal Table is an exquisite piece of furniture that combines the warmth of mahogany wood with the elegance of Italian marble. The table features a beautifully veined grey and white marble top, which adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The marble top is stamped on the underside, indicating its origin in Italy, renowned for its fine craftsmanship in marble.

The table is crafted in the Eastlake style, which was popular during the late 19th century. It showcases the characteristic attention to detail and ornate embellishments associated with this style. The mahogany wood used in the construction of the table is rich in color and grain, providing a luxurious and timeless appeal.

The table stands on a sturdy pedestal base, which offers stability and visual interest. The base typically features intricate carvings or turned details, showcasing the craftsmanship of the piece.

This vintage pedestal table serves multiple purposes and can be used in various ways. Its compact size makes it suitable for smaller spaces, such as entryways, living rooms, or bedrooms. Placed next to a cozy armchair or sofa, it can function as an elegant side table, providing a surface for placing a book, a cup of tea, or a decorative object.

Alternatively, this table can be utilized as a display pedestal for showcasing a cherished sculpture, a prized art piece, or a collection of curiosities.