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Vintage Blanc de Chine Geisha Japanese Porcelain Lamp

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This exquisite Blanc de Chine Geisha porcelain lamp, with its elegant black wood base and sophisticated black shade, brings a touch of grace and tranquility to any room. Crafted with delicate artistry, the lamp showcases a poised geisha in flowing robes, a timeless symbol of elegance. Free from any cracks or chips, this vintage piece is in impeccable condition, ready to cast an inviting glow on your desk or hall table. Bearing a sticker marked 'JAPAN', it promises authenticity and charm, a true collector's item for those who appreciate the delicate balance of form and function. Perfect for casting a soft, ambient light on a desk, vanity, or hallway console, this lamp is more than a light source—it's a conversation starter.

Size: 18” tall