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Vintage 1973 General Porcelain Hand Glove Mould #8

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Dimensions: 15" tall x 4" wide

This striking hand is a meticulously crafted porcelain glove mold by General Porcelain of Trenton, New Jersey, dated June 5, 1973. Originally used in the manufacturing of rubber gloves, this piece showcases a historical manufacturing process that transformed raw materials into precise, usable products. The pristine white finish and delicate blue lines marking its size and patent pending status highlight its vintage charm and industrial past.

Today, this porcelain glove mold transcends its utilitarian origins to serve as a unique decor item. Its sculptural beauty makes it an intriguing conversation starter, perfect for display in a chic living room, creative studio, or as an organizer for jewelry. With its rich history and sleek design, it offers both a nostalgic glimpse into industrial craftsmanship and a stylish accent to contemporary homes. Collectors and decor enthusiasts alike will appreciate this piece not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for the storied past it represents.

In addition to its historical and aesthetic value, this porcelain glove mold is in good vintage condition, maintaining its integrity and visual appeal without any chips or cracks.