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Vintage Floral Highball Glass Mid Century Set of 4

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Embrace the essence of mid-century charm with this delightful set of highball glasses, each adorned with a vibrant array of screen-printed florals in crisp white, deep blue, sunny yellow, and warm tones of orange and red. While the maker and specific pattern name have eluded identification, their style and craftsmanship hint strongly at a mid-20th-century origin. These glasses are in splendid condition, with the screen-printed design remarkably well-preserved, suggesting they have been cherished and well cared for through the decades.

At 5.5 inches in height with a 2.5-inch opening and a capacity of approximately 10 fluid ounces, these highball glasses are perfectly sized for an array of refreshing beverages—from fruity drinks and homemade lemonade to specialty cocktails. Their cheerful design makes them an ideal choice for springtime soirees, adding a splash of color and retro flair to any bar cart or table setting. Whether you're hosting a garden party or simply enjoying a quiet afternoon, these glasses will serve as a testament to timeless elegance and convivial spirit.