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28" Blenko Mid-Century Modern Lime Green Glass Decanter

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This stunning Mid-Century Modern glass decanter, crafted by the renowned Wayne Husted for Blenko Glass, is a captivating testament to the era's design brilliance. Its rare lime green hue instantly draws the eye, invoking a sense of vibrant nostalgia.

Standing at an impressive 28 inches tall, this decanter commands attention with its towering presence. The smooth, elongated silhouette of the glass body is a testament to Mid-Century Modern elegance, while the meticulously designed glass stopper, equally grand in size, adds an element of mystique.

What truly sets this piece apart is its remarkable condition. Incredibly well-preserved, it bears no chips or cracks, showcasing its timeless beauty. As if preserving its history, the original Blenko sticker serves as a reminder of the legacy of craftsmanship behind this masterpiece.