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Vintage Plate Gallery Wall Art Set

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Elevate your home's décor with our specially selected set of 12 vintage plates, an assembly that speaks volumes of history and elegance. This set includes:

- **Five Tiny Ironstone Plates**: Quintessentially charming with a white and blue palette, these small wonders bring a quaint sophistication to any space.
- **Two Vintage Blue Willow Plate**: Two plates rich with narrative, the Blue Willow Plates invite the mind to wander through its intricate, fabled patterns.
- **Cabbage Leaf Platter**: A textural marvel, this platter's lush green leaves add a refreshing burst of nature's beauty to your collection.
- **Two Floral Plates from Japan**: Echoing the serene elegance of Japanese art, these plates feature delicate florals in soothing shades of green & white.
- **Two Rose Famille Plates**: These remarkable additions steal the show with their vibrant pink and green hues, adorned with familial scenes that capture the heart of traditional Rose Famille design.

Each plate in this set comes equipped with hooks for effortless display, inviting you to create a stunning gallery wall that defies convention. Whether you’re an established collector or just starting to appreciate the allure of antique décor, this set promises to infuse your space with character and history. Envision them gracing your wall, each one an individual, yet together creating a tapestry of vintage beauty that’s as eclectic as it is harmonious.