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Vintage Mid 20th Century Porcelain & Brass Federal Eagle Lamp

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Elevate your home's ambiance with this chic white porcelain lamp, elegantly detailed with slender black and gold stripes that exude sophistication. Crowned with a brass eagle, it's a statement piece that combines classic design with a touch of grandeur. The accompanying black shade complements its striking silhouette, while the brass base, showing a hint of time's touch in its slight tarnish, adds character and warmth. This lamp functions beautifully, ready to cast a welcoming glow in a cozy study, on a stately entryway table, or as a distinguished accent in a living room. The choice to polish the brass is yours, allowing for customization to your decor's theme. A timeless addition to any space seeking a blend of elegance and historical charm.

Size: 33” tall